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Catwoman the black cat - 2 - Batman arkham asylum metal batarang

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Boomstick catwoman may have surpassed black cat on weaponry but black cat ruled everything else wiz and her own weaponry she gets from her late father then certainly helped out too boomstick looks like the catwoman accidentally let the black cat cross her path.

Catwoman the black cat - 2 2

2 black cat actually gets her powers from a serum like captain america at least in the 90s 3 no real evidence that cat woman is sneakyer black cat is a professional thief too.

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Point black cat affiliations catwoman is a loner mostly working by herself she did team up with the justice league once on a mission and frequently joins batman to take down the bad guy shes even had some dealings with the birds of prey on occasion black cat shares selinas catlike loner attitude as a cat burglar she worked alone but began teaming up with spiderman after the two started a romantic.

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Welcome my name is olaf lesniak and this is marvel vs dc the series that will come out weekly on saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other i will look at both opponents skills powers abilities stamina and etc to help me determine the winner today our battle is catwoman vs black.

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On the face of it the marvel comics character black cat could seem like a complete ripoff of dc comics catwoman catwoman predates black cat by several decades and theyre both infamous.

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By the way i actually volunteer at the animal shelter and help out with cats so i would know a thing or two about handling them.

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Catwoman then called the cat first appeared in batman 1 spring 1940 as a mysterious burglar and jewel thief revealed at the end of the story to be a young attractive unnamed woman having disguised herself as an old woman during the story and been hired to commit a burglary.

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