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Your rice portal to the worldwide rice industry riceonline is the premier web portal for the most comprehensive rice information from the worldwide rice industry.

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golden rice to combat vitamin a deficiency for public health article by dr adrian dubock member of the golden rice humanitarian board vitamin a deficiency vad has been recognised as a significant public health problem continuously for more than 30 years despite current interventions.

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rice crop manager is a computer and mobile phonebased application that provides farmers with advice on crop management matching their particular farming conditions.

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This article is a list of diseases of rice oryza sativa.

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rice is life so lets do the rice thing this modest little grain is super important it starts out looking like a blade of grass yet it provides half the worlds population over 35 billion people with 6070 of their daily calories.

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The beginnings of golden rice golden rice the first generation the first breakthrough in the development of golden rice was the result of a collaboration between peter beyer and ingo potrykus and was obtained around easter 1999 ye et al 2000.

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Other agriculture products in congo and uganda are ricemilletpaultrybananas cassavabeans and vegetables the main cereals being grown in congo are maize rice and millet caloric intake in developed countriespersonday is 3420 kcalpersonday cal in take in developing world personday is 2630kcalpersonday referances chartsbin.

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martin rice company produces long grain and jasmine rice on its southeast missouri farm the company has dedicated thousands of acres to growing rice and operates its.

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Farmers lose an estimated average of 37 of their rice crop to pests and diseases every year in addition to good crop management timely and accurate diagnosis can significantly reduce losses.

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