Commentaire de Etamalgren If you wait around long enough, Corki respawns. Commentaire de Yearofthetiger I’ve seen him die or helped someone kill him maybe times. Navigate through the paths in the caves until you find Cho’war. Respawn time is about 15 seconds. Sélectionez votre capture en utilisant le formulaire ci-dessous. I charged in and used Bloodrage simultaneously, generating a fair amount of rage. Warmaul Chief Bufferlo 66 Elite is standing next to Corki’s cage so you’ll have to kill him or at least free Corki and run to complete the quest.

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Out of the tunnel on the Zangarmarshian side follow the path left wwy up. Just keep your dots up use power word shield every time you can and bring along a mana potion. I ran my priest through this with my 80 mage. Chains of Ice doesnt work, and he doesnt fight fair. Worked, but only just.

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I had about health left by the time it was over. Put the pet on « Stay » and jump down the ledge. Commentaire de starvethedead I solo’d this guy nloodstrike my 67 Shammy, because, well, I’m a Shammy.

You just need someone in your group to waay the cage. He will not reset but run back towards your pet which is conveniently parked at his spawn location.


Commentaire de namroht He cannot be CC’ed. Dx But i had a full offensive pet.

Commentaire de Vs This is soloable at level Chains of Ice doesnt work, and he doesnt fight fair. However, he does not give rep with the Kurenai for killing him.

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Commentaire de thontor died on 1st attempted, after corpse run, his health was same as i left him. Commentaire de Willas Now rewards reputation with cw Kurenai, or for Humans. Minor typing errors with immediately, Eviscerates, Adrenaline, and my name.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

I just used bloodsyrike heals and bloostrike regeneration, no damage from my priest at wat. When Corki respawns, the door to his box is shut. Now you’ll be bloocstrike the second story of the same cave. Did not bother using Concussion Blow or Shockwave as Cho’war is immune to blodstrike. Commentaire de Robin Bm hunter lvl 65 can solo it.

Re-enter the cave css Corki is and free him. Commentaire de Sulis Walk through the tunnel to the Zangarmarshian side.

Cho’war le Pilleur – Quête – World of Warcraft

Then Cho’war died and I looted the key. The only way it’d work was if the pet tanked, I the druid started in cat form to help with dps and after that shift to help heal the pet, shift back, do damage, shift out to heal. Then return to Arechron.


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

This guy is not soloable at least for me. Commentaire de Sagarn Note blooodstrike locks: Prolly not by a normal lvl 68 lock tho.

Cho’war le Pilleur

Commentaire de Cx Fairly easily soloed as 65 feral druid with heirlooms 1. Commentaire de orloxgr Where can you find this npc? Wy de emilkva Hmmm After you get key from killing Cho’war, corki is in middle cave all the way in back, 29, Just kill or avoid all of the mobs in this small cave.

If you’re a vet leveling a pimped-out alt, don’t be shy about doing this one solo. Glyph of Heroic Strike Glyph of Revenge. I gasped to myself and was about to give up when I saw the number of hp Cho’war had You should save your tiger’s fury and survival instincts cooldowns for step 4.