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Span classnews_dt01042018spannbsp018332im genuinely curious to see how both wizards and the muggle governments will interact with genius loci cities aside from a few religious crazies muggles will just see them as bigger shipgirls and shrug it off the governments will strive to form working relations with their city spirit etc.

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Span classnews_dt04062017spannbsp018332alright so recently i went back to the museum and had found another story to tell to you guys and how it may translate to a kancolle story today i speak about the royal canadian navys unlucky lady hmcs athabaskan.

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lawson inc 株式会社ローソン kabushiki kaisha rōson tyo 2651 is a convenience store franchise chain in japan the store originated in cuyahoga falls ohio but today exists as a japanese company.

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Spidermandeadpool comics peter nearly jumped out of his skin as soon as he noticed the demoniclooking woman he did tense however and it took a long terrifying moment before he.

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The concept of the hero is very old and every culture and peoples have had individuals they identified as heroes on account of society marches on and values dissonance the notion of what the hero signifies has changed and diverged a great deal from the ancient world to.

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The mikumikudance wiki is a collaborative website about the mikumikudance program and its related entities the wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article so we can all work together to.