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Wii u abandoned - 3 - Nintendo wii u price gamestop

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Span classnews_dt24062017spannbsp018332sonic boom rise of lyric is an actionadventure video game developed by big red button and published by sega for the wii u console along with sonic boom shattered crystal for the nintendo 3ds.

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Nintendos console has been abandoned by the major video game publishers like electronic arts.

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Span classnews_dt04122015spannbsp018332by nintendos latest count the wii u had sold 1073 million units by comparison the original wii crossed 100 million units sold more than two years ago outpacing the.

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Span classnews_dt23032015spannbsp018332im kinda confused how nintendo is going to get third parties back for the nx ubisoft ea etc all pretty much abandoned the wiiu within the first 2 years or less.

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Nintendo kart is a tentaviley named racing game for the wii featuring characters from several differant nintendo series by freezy games inc it stars many of the main characters from games spread throughout nintendos history.

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Wii u is getting railed by the press right now but its mostly due to nintendos mistakes not 3rd parties abandoning them the hardware is far more powerful then the press would have you believe but nintendo just needs better marketing and more 3rd party exclusives that people want and far quicker no more game delays and shedule changes.

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Wii started but midway through its life it has been flooded with shovelwares dumbed down poor multiplatform ports it was just horrible especially to those who only got a wii they get to play probably the ugliest graphics and a very limited game compared to what ps3 and 360 were getting the support from 3rd parties was almost nonexistence with the wii the big games like ffxiii mgs4 gta4 and.

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Wii u is not fit satoru iwata nintendos typically optimistic president has gone back on previous declarations and admitted that the wii u is not in good shape.

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Nintendo wont abandon wii u and 3ds after nx launch it would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for nintendo 3ds or wii u right after the launch of nx.

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